Friday, 29 March 2013


I want to cover up, close up
Hide behind a mask
This weird strange feeling
I cannot place it fathom it
This strange feeling has me in a trance
Looking at it giving me a glance
It’s unreal, surreal bizarre
Feeling drained yet full of life
Fathom it out!
That’s why I’m hiding behind this mask
You cannot see what I am feeling
Tell what is going on within these eyes
Behind these eyes
They glisten, they sparkle, the lustre
But what does it matter?
With this weird, weird, strange feeling inside
I can paint how I feel, dress how I feel too
But it covers the weird strange feeling inside
The painted lady, the dressed up lady
The world sees her as beautiful
Chic, classy and panache
Her style is flamboyant, lavish
And self-assured
Colourful without the flashiness, showiness
I just know what this strange feeling is now!
Maybe this mask can hide me
But the feelings I cannot run from
There is someone I know
Who keeps coming back and back for more!
He hasn’t been given anything from me
Not that stupid and foolish to do it at all
What is it that keeps him attracted to me?
Why me? We are worlds apart
Different like chalk and cheese
He moves in the theatre world
The stage his place, the screen his place
His mask of who he wants to play
But this is a different world
He steps into mine
This is not his world at all
He needs to tell me why
He keeps coming back when he knows he shouldn’t
I keep moving forward, upwards never backwards
But he is there following, watching
Physical attraction?
I don’t know until he tells me
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th December 2012


  1. what happens if the mask is pulled unveils a hidden queen of poetry....I love this

    1. Thank you Carole, maybe more than likely