Thursday, 28 March 2013


Tears of a Clown
Taken from the anthology ‘Heartfelt Baring All’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

These tears from a clown
Oh so brought me down!
I am now frowning, glowering, scowling
Oh what a dam fool!
I cried those tears over the years
They brought me down!
Oh what a silly foolish person I have been
I can see the glowering, glaring, staring
Your eyes never coming into contact
Oh yes that is a fact!
Oh what a dam fool!
You’re sulking, skulking, lurking
Ways all about, around you!
You made me cry, fry, sigh
You had me running around in circles
Here we go around and around
Backwards, forwards never towards
Leaving me like a carousel empty
Emotionless, defenceless, awkwardness
A frightened, un-delighted, un-invited
CLOWN you fool
Taken for a ride, you hide, you bide
You bade, you said, you laid
You lied, oh how you cried, you chide
That still resides
Oh you fool just like a clown
The tears, the fears, the years
The love that was never there without a care
The petals all withered and shaken
Why bother with
She loves me, she loves me not!
She never loved me once and for all!
Period, full stop
I feel just like a fool
The love I gave,
The sacrifices
All that mattered
Torn and tattered
Oh well you say
Oh and by the way
Adios amigo
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
28th March 2013
All Rights Reserved

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