Saturday, 6 April 2013

#ASMSG The Long, Lonesome Road

The Long, Lonesome Road
Taken from the Anthology ‘Heartfelt Baring All’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

It’s been long and tough
Lonesome and rough
The trail so bleak
Lonely all by myself
Nothing but my faithful friend
The wide open spaces, the spanses
You could see for miles and miles
Some days blissfully peaceful
Other days resentful
The blistering heat
The freezing cold
The north winds do blow
So surely so
Desolated, isolated
That nothing grows
The rivers and streams flow
Wherever they need to go
Our heads tucked low
We have such a way to go
The saddle is hard, we are so tired
We need a break; a homestead is not far ahead
Our reflections reflecting upon the rivers head
Oh don’t we look a pair?
Shattered, matted, fatigued
Let’s get going my friend
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th April 2013
All Rights Reserved

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