Wednesday, 8 May 2013

#ASMSG The Last Time This Is Being Bared

These feelings so real and true
Those feelings I shared with you
Those feelings that I showed to you
Showered you with
Adored you
Loved you
Those dam feelings of yours
How macabre, cadaverous
Hit and run
Run and hit
Hit and miss
Miss and hit
They have run their course
You left me feeling so bare
How dare I let it happen?
You smooth operator
You sneaked in
Crept in without this stupid woman knowing
Didn’t see it coming
Blind as a bat
Oh love is so blind to the fools
So now the invitation has been rescinded
Never, ever to call
To visit at all
This room feels quiet
So still and peaceful
No feelings of invasion
Invasion of privacy
Invasion of what I do or say
The freedom is mine once again
Now it is time for me to rescind this naked feeing
Get myself together again
Be as whole as whole

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th December 2012
All Rights Reserved

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