Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Taken from the ‘Heartfelt Baring All’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
Whilst reminiscing, missing
I tinker at the piano keys and strings
A soft melody begins
A melody once sang and played
Played, played softly gently
Like a whisper in the wind
Never ending, never ceasing
A reflection, a replication
This can never, ever be reproduced
It was so special, exceptional, and individual
It was a love so undying, undeniable
Unquestionable, beautiful
You had me enthralled, entranced and enchanted
This world was filled with your beauty
Your charm, where I never came to any harm
Melody, melody! Oh what a tune!
You sang, sung, you hummed
You warbled, with a wobbled voice
My love, my sweet love my choice
Here I sit reminiscing
Missing you by the miles, your smiles
One day we will be reunited
With love and tenderness
Caress, caress embrace
With no departing
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

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