Sunday, 5 May 2013

#ASMSG Sailing Away On A Silent Night

Sailing away on a silent night
Take from the book of poems
‘Simply Magical’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
The twinkling starry night
Shining so bright
The heavenly sky
Azure blue, with a hint of sapphire too
A tall ship sailing by
On the calmest of seas
Where its destination is no one knows
But the gentlest of winds blows
A maiden propped against the tall tree
Blowing a kiss, so that the sailor will not miss
Her on the sailing trip, he carries her heart
So that they are never depart
He watches from the tall ship
There in the distance she has lit her candles
With a lily in the centre barely visible
To his eyes, he can just about see his love
And sweetheart
Their love story only just beginning
But this is not the end
They both know this is just a moment in time
They will be together once again
And never be apart
He’ll work the land like his forefathers
Bring back the riches that she so deserves
His Lily, his love, the treasure of his heart
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

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