Thursday, 9 May 2013


Standing On The Edge
Take from ‘On A Mission’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
Whilst standing here on the edge
With my trusty black steed
We see a battle below
Powerful, strong and in control
Pushing the marauders back
With a mighty attack
From this position I see their advantage
Their superiority and authority
Using maximum coerces
Their strong-arms compelling
They look tired and exhausted
But they are standing firm
These strong men and their beasts
Will not be beaten!
Raven is hovering above the snow covered trees
He sees, he watches, he’ll know when to join the battle
My trusted wolf restless, he wants to join the forces
But we must stay here for a short while
Not to stay out of the fray
It is finding a way
Safely, securely, surely
Down this mountain ridge
Across to the stony bridge
Flanked by warriors young and old
Oh their will be stories told!
Once this mission is enfold
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

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