Wednesday, 8 May 2013

#ASMSG 'A Time To Reflect' part 5

A Time To Reflect
Take from the ‘On A Mission’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
 Taking a moment to reflect
With all that has been affected
The causes, the troubles
The losses, the losers
This mission, this one to end it all
Began with crossing the ridges, the bridges
Near and far distant lands
Broken and baron
Tattered and torn
The homeless, their burnt out homes
Wandering aimlessly for shelter
From the bitter, bitter cold
Their shattered, tattered expressions says it all
‘When does this end?’
Where does this end?’
His thoughts now saying
‘It ends with bitterness my friend’
But this mission will only be accomplished
When evil intent, malice, spite and hatred
Is eradicated, destroyed, exterminated
So his mission will seem endless
But he has his eyes in the sky
The Raven constantly by his side
The Wolf, his guardian, protector
Listening with his honed, tuned ears
Sniffing the air, with caution and care
His snowy white coat, a disguise in this snowy, snowy land
So far, far away from his pack
But the pack will understand and comprehend
They know of the struggles
The fight for their lands
Wiped out, wiping out
Man and wolf learning and teaching
From one another
Brothers and sisters coming together as one
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

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