Saturday, 4 May 2013

#ASMSG What's going on with your hat today?

What’s going on with your hat today?
Taken from the book of poems
‘Simply Magical’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
Is there quietness?
Or busy bees?
Whichever way you look at it today
There is something happening far away
The butterflies flying this way and that way
Dancing in happiness on this summer’s day
The flowers in bloom have chased the gloom
Picnics in the parks, oh what larks
The riders on their bikes in the park
Chatting and laughing
On this summer’s day
Winter has gone far, far away
They hay is being reaped, all hands gathering
The children playing amongst the daisies
Princesses with their tiara chains
Parasols shading from the heat of the day
The sun is at its highest and hottest
Walking serenely through the sweet, sweet lavender
Cornflowers, sunflowers
The sky rich and blue
Cloudless especially for you
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

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