Friday, 28 June 2013

NOT THAT FAR AWAY #poetry nomination

Not That Far Away
One shining star
Shining your own light
Up there on the stage
And silver screen
Watching in the wings
Never saying a word
Not my world
Yours my shining star
Then the tables turned
You were watching
Events, situations
All the way through
Heck you scared me almost to death
Now I hear those three little words
And you have mine
So now what happens?
What has changed?
Or has it?
No judge or jury
Can fix this one
Or can they?
Not a chance!
This world has changed
From this date on
I am scared
Upside down
Inside out
So afraid
Time to come out in the open
No more up there either
And the using the in-betweeners
So please get on that flight
And come here to me
So that we can speak
Face to face
Do the right thing
Either ring or knock that door
No more messing
Any more
I love you too
Have done for more than you will ever know
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

All Rights Reserved

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