Saturday, 29 June 2013

Revamped cover for SIMPLY MAGICAL a book of poems for Children coming soon

In a land so far, far away
The tune is so light and airy
Just like the fairy
The tune so light, so bright oh it is all right
That it is shining in the sky above
The sky an azure blue, oh such hue
Everyone dancing, even the horse is prancing
Way up there in the sky so high
The butterflies have spread their wings, oh such a thing!
Their golden wings revell
ing in the notes so clear
Even the petals of the flowers seem to be fluttering
With the flutes tune down on the ground amongst the
Grasses and trees, oh what a sight to see
The swishing, swaying, capering and gamboling sheep
Who are normally asleep!
But what is this?
There is boat in the sky, sailing by oh why?
Has the flutist got them in tune?
Riding the crest of the wave, way up there in the sky
There are giggling children, smiley faces in all the right places
Even the planets seem to be racing by and round and round
Leaving beautiful traces of gleaming, teeming, streaming wondrous trails behind
The flutist and her merry tune has everyone singing and dancing
Dancing and singing in a magical, mystical world
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th June 2013

All Rights Reserved