Thursday, 18 July 2013


That soars with the wind
Light as the breeze
Gentle and soft
Their colours so beautiful
Beautiful as everything that lives and breathes
The softest blues, oh what a hue!
Red like a regal king or queen
Yellow the colour of the sun, just like the day has begun
Green so fresh, fresh as the daisy and the grass on the ground
Purple, mauve, lavender, lilac
The colours of the midnight sky so high
Swirling, twisting and turning
Like ribbons of colour
Damsels flying everywhere
Flowers in their hair
Their tresses so beautifully coloured
Flowers scattered all around
This is as wonderful as the butterfly
Loves all that is flowery
Colourful, beautiful
Butterfly wings
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th July 2013

All Rights Reserved