Thursday, 11 July 2013


Playing in the fields of maze
The brightest of yellows
Like the sun kissed meadows
All in bloom where there is no more room
For flowers to grow
The field of daffodils still in bloom
The irises in their purple hues
Daisies made into chains
Children frolicking, leaping, everywhere
Lambs a gamboling with a spring in their legs
Jumping, bounding oh so happily
The sun kissed faces leaning to the sun
Whilst everyone is having fun
The sun is now at its highest, brightest
The heat all aglow with a hazy haze
Shimmering, glimmering across the land
The butterflies flitting from flower to flower
Oh such wondrous colours too
There blues, reds, oranges drinking the nectar
To bloom and grow
Oh such wondrous sights and sounds
On a beautiful summers day
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

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