Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Sun In The Sky

Way up there so high
The night so clear
So vividly clear!
The stars in the night sky
Twinkling, sparkling
Just like fairy dust floating by
The moon and the planets showy
And oh how they catch the eye
Their magnificent, resplendent
Colours glittering by
There before your eyes
Jupiter, Mars floating merrily by
The late, late sun shining on this Earth
The early, early Moon of the evening
There before your eyes
The land below all aglow
The river running bright and clear
The grasses heavily laden with dew
The mountain tops and peaks glistening
Their whiteness with the snow
Oh to be sitting here forever more
But the morning soon arrives
The skies will be blue once more
Stretching outwards and upwards
For ever more
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

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