Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DAD I LUVES YOU (Tuesday Funny but cuteeeeee )

I guess you know that anyway
But I like to tell you everyday
You’re the best
Better than the rest
Oh that was said wrong
But you know what I mean
Dads are you listening?
You seem miles away
You’re staring
Sort of
Looking glum
Here dad can I help you?
Can we have some fun?
Give you a great big lick
That might make you smile
For a while
Where’s mum by the way?
Hope she isn’t too far away
Need a cuddle and a hug
Stop being so sad
You gonna make me feel the same too
Wanna a cuddle?
Might make you feel better
And not so glum
It is getting too hot here
On this metal whatever it is
Can we find some shade?
Or maybe I can shade in
Your long, long mane
What do you reckon Dad?
Oh come on dad
Stop being a cad
Well sometimes you are
But that is my opinion
And view
But still I loves you
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th May 2012

All Rights Reserved

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