Monday, 9 September 2013

I'm The Cutest ( Monday Funny and Cutee)

I am the cutest
And that is for certain
I adored
And that is assured
I have the eyes of tiger
Brown and yellow
Like pots of gold
Oh these eyes
Have stories to be told

Don’t be put off
With this cheeky grin
And my head tilted
To one side
I’m just saying
It’s nice to see you again
Been awhile
Where have you been?
You know my friend
Miss you now
And then

Hey my friend
Just look again
Can I right now depend?
On my friends
Once in awhile
To mend this bend
Right here in my neck?

Hey my friends
Love you so much
You’re the best
From the rest
Cos you love me so much
And that I know I can depend
Who loves you baby?
I sure as do
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
28th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

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