Sunday, 6 October 2013

Little Brother (Sunday funny but cuteeeee )


Now look little brother
It’s just you and me
So stop your fretting
Everything is going to be alright
So just sit tight

I know it is freezing cold
Do you want to cuddle?
We can both snuggle
Keep both of us warm
And from this cold, cold icy

Just wish mum was here
Can’t see her for all this snow
We’ll be ok
Just need sometime for her
To comeback
She’ll be here soon
You just wait and see
And then we will be happy
With glee

You wanna go play in the snow?
Snowball fight
I’ll let you have the first throw
Oh don’t start crying again
We’ll all be together again
All snuggled up in our little den

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

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