Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Blowing, scattering in the wind
Flying on the winds of change
Gathering their memories of summer days
Green, yellow, with their hints of blues
The rich, rich colours to chase away the blues
Butterflies, moths and damsel butterflies
Resting, reposing and relaxing in the glorious hues
But now this is autumn
Their leaves now turned burnt red, orange colours
The skies heavily laden with the autumn weather
Rain, misty, foggy, cloudy and grey
The nights are drawing in dark and black
The land has been harvested
Crops now all stored
The butterflies have flown too
The cuckoo, the swallow and swift have flown too
To a warmer climate that suits their tunes
The showy peacock still in full feathered bloom
Strutting his feathers at the beautiful ladies
Who are listening to his tune!
Yet this is still a wonderful time of year!
There are still flowers in bloom
The hedgerows covered in the flowers of the blackberries
Soon to be picked, pickled and jarred
Fruits for all seasons
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
The season’s stores
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th July 2013
All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of poems entitled
Ebook and Paperback editions


  1. Not bad now write one of your own

    1. Mark Bennet this poem was written by me and also the 'Simply Magical' book as well