Friday, 20 December 2013

5* Review of THE VEIL: DREAMS Part one (Elven God's Series)

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Cassandra has really put her first novel in first place with her brilliant, brilliant 'The Veil: Dreams Part One together.
Dreams, we all have them, but do we believe in them? are they a figment of our imagination? Are they real? and why do we see people we know in them? we are talking with them as if they are there with us even though they no longer exist in our world. But do they?
Mystery and suspense abound when Sasha founds out that one person is not dead, that they have powers that enable them to visit dreams and this is where Sasha finds out herself that she is a Sorceress herself, that she is special and not like the rest of those around her. Who and what are those shape shifters and why is it so important that they be eliminated ? There is passion, love and romance in a world that seems beyond ours
I cannot fault Cassandra's first ever short story and I am really looking forward to reading her follow up
Thank  you Cassandra for a brilliant great read and a pleasure to do a review for you
Teresa Joseph Franklin

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