Monday, 9 December 2013


Fact or is it just fiction?
Am I just a figment of your great imagination?
Is this just fanciful?
Or just unbelievable!
Either way or whichever way
I’m sat here high on a branch
With wings furled
Trying to answer your questions
Yes I am real, surreal
To your vivid imagination
I am here and there
In the sunlight, in the shadows of your mind
Watching, listening, hearing your calls
Oh please listen to my calls
Your fears, tears I see and feel
Just quieten those voices you have many choices
Yet I have the right one for you
I’m here right beside you!
In the flesh!
Are we not all Angels of this earth?
To help, to aid, to knock down the barricades
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th December 2013

All Rights Reserved

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