Saturday, 21 December 2013


Whether you are short or tall
Slim or chique
Whether your tongue is in your cheek
Poetry is an everyday event
And oh how it is heaven sent!
Poetry is a mover, groover and a cooler
Poetry is pleasing to the troubled brow
Even more so when there is a crow
Listening, high and low
Poetry has its peaks and troughs
And oh how we never get enough!
Poetry is inventive, creative and incentive
Panoramic, photogenic and at times so graphic
It’s a way of the world, not curled
Poetry is beautiful, beautified
Poetry writers, write so right
Their skills can be thrills that spills
From line to line, page to page
The nib of the pen writes over and over again
Depicting a picturesque, pictographic pictorial
For all that it enthralls
So you see
Poetry is for all
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

21st December 2013 

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