Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Escaping the noises
The raised voices
The hub of party
The raised glasses
Enthroned in celebrations
Their glances
At the woman by your side
The man by my side
Their faces with their traces
Who is she?
What is she?
What do they see?
 That I do not see
I leave the crowded room
Where I feel such gloom
No room to breath
A lungful of out my depths
It’s all new with you
I stand and watch the view
Knowing that I would rather walk the shores line
Than be toeing the line
A trophy
Not a beauty
Within these walls
He calls
I ignore
I just don’t need him any more
He knows
I know
I throw it all to the wind
And this is where it all begins
I shrug off this skin
Shrug off the sins
The sins of being not who I am
Truly am!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th January 2014

All Rights Reserved 

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