Friday, 24 January 2014


The Music Washing over me
I lay here in the quietness of the room
Listening and feeling
The rhythm of the music
That is over-powering my gloom

The sound so sweet
Beating with my every
Heart beat
Drowning the noise
That has been in my head
Since daybreak
Pulled this way and that way
A decision that has to be made

It can wait
Until day break
The music is now washing over me
Taking over my senses
Which needed to be cured
I can feel its embrace
Feeling the warmth and a
Mind being cured

I don’t want to lose this feeling
Feels so perfect and pure
A feeling of being so assured
Oh this is heaven I am feeling
My heart now beats with the music
Quiet, peaceful, slow but sure.

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th April 2012
All Rights Reserved

Poetry nomination 2012 

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