Sunday, 16 March 2014


Spring Has Sprung
Taken from the anthology ‘Water’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

The freshness, cleanliness, newness
The trees are in their budding view
Everything is becoming alive and new
The crocus, the primroses
The daffodils too
The pounding, beating, and thrashing
Rain has lost its battle
It’s rattled, jangled and unsettled
The birds flying high in the sky
The torrents, the streams
Over flooding
The constant cloudbursts, downpours
Oh the deluges!
Drowning the smallest of the smallest
Will they survive? Can they survive?
Have they take shelter from the rainstorms?
But this deluge is renewing
Exciting, entrancing, enthralling
I could stand here all day
Wash these winter blues away
Chase the shadows
The doom and glooms
The stalkers, the trackers
Far, far away
With this deluge of rain
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th April 2013

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