Saturday, 19 April 2014


So why tear it apart?
You rippled through this life
Like the ripples on the seas
Gently, softly
So, so like an incoming breeze
Whispering, murmuring
Oh how I sighed
When by your side
Our silly stupid utterings
Muttering sweet nothings
Mouthing each word
So that we would not be heard
Shied so cautiously
So unobtrusively
Our discreet love affair
That is so full of flare
Happy and free
Spending each time to be free
So many chances
So many glances
I want to shy away
Hide myself behind a shroud
And scream out loud
Because I do not have all of you
You, you, you!
Every part of you
With no sharing
No splitting time
Ducking and divvying
Whenever she passes by
This living a lie
This living on the edge
Its breaking, it’s breaking
Living on the edge
My heart is seeping
When it should be sleeping
Seeping like a wet, wet nightmare
Crying each night
My heart in fright
My heart wants and needs to fight
That it’ll all be okay
But in my heart of hearts
It’ll get blown away
Shattered to pieces
Where there no longer will be peace
So this is where I leave you
Quietly with dignity intact
Knowing all the facts
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th April 2014

All Rights Reserved

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