Friday, 30 May 2014

EXTRACT FROM Jelena's Silent World 'The Show Will Go On'


Jelena has been through this before, but each incident has been fraught with emotions that can only be best described as frightening. Tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed that feels as hard as nails, the bedroom sparse in its décor with the bed placed against a wall that was papered in a luminous hue of blue, scratched, dented with the possible knocks and bangs of the beds headboard up against it and  looked like it had seen better days; a tall wooden pine wardrobe seemed to be the only updated piece of furniture in the room, the décor on the remaining walls were a dank, dark brown, whoever chose this colour must have had a real weird sense of colour sense for a bedroom, definitely not a calming colour in her view. Jelena bashing at the lumpy uncomfortable pillows in sheer frustration that sleep is evading her again! The hands of the clock beside her on the bedside cabinet barely moving, just the ticking sounds echoing in the eerie silence of the room. Yet again! Jelena is feeling those jittering nerves, never knowing what will happen next,  but all  she can do is to try to hold it all together as much as is possible and not let this arse hole of a jerk get to her, yet wondering who the hell is it and why?. Her mind now in the present and what holds for her. 

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