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Father to Son: Bold Debut Novel from Tami Jenkins Reflects on Power and Beauty of the ‘Simple Life’.

The first in a new trilogy, ‘Father to Son: The Early Years’ takes readers on a journey into one man’s reflection of an eighty-five-year walk through life. However, whilst many novels focus on complex challenges or edge-of-the-seat adventure, Jenkins uses her narrative to remind readers that living a simple yet productive life can be more fulfilling.

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United Kingdom – Born with a disability, many said Tami Jenkins would fall short of achieving her dreams. As a smart and independent woman, Jenkins is proving them more than wrong with the release of her compelling debut novel.

‘Father to Son: The Early Years’ is the first volume in her new trilogy, focusing on one man’s reflections on life. Of course, as with any good book, his retrospective recounts a life story that will leave readers with plenty to think about.


Whilst walking through fields of golden corn, with the sun on his back, Sam Dellaney began recollecting his younger years and all that had taken place on his homestead.

He had been born and raised on this property and this had been his life for 85 years, handed down from father to son. He was proud of this small but over the year’s profitable farm. His Mom and dad had been proud folk, with hearts as kind and soft as the cotton that was harvested every year.

As a young boy he had followed his dad like the shadow of the midday sun, watching and learning, eager to help where he could. His Pa was happy to teach this young boy all he knew, for it was the legacy he would leave one day.

Years passed and the young lad was in high school, he found his Sweetheart, whom he knew one day would be his wife, of this he was sure. They both graduated high school and went onto the same college. With great pride he brought home his girl to meet his folks and them her, for they had heard so much about his first love, they were sure they would love her too.

The bond between the four of them was evident when sat around the table; the laughter and smiles came as a reassurance to the boy that all was well.

His Mother had always wanted more than one child but it wasn’t to be, so she invested every ounce of her time, love and devotion to raising her one and only son.

By the time college graduation arrived, his parents were becoming frail as they had him later in life, which had never bothered them. His Mother and father dressed in their Sunday best were sat watching the graduation ceremony, Mama holding back tears and dad holding her hand.

“Many people reach a point in their life where they look back, either poignantly or with pride,” says Jenkins. “My novel represents one fictional man’s simple yet incredibly uplifting story.”

Continuing, “There’s no superheroes or villains – but a regular man whose influence can be just as powerful.”

Early reviews have been impressive. Dale P. King comments, “This is a great book I love the storyline and look forward to the sequels. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to read a novel that is a little different in style.”

Geri was also impressed, adding, “What can I say, except I was not able to put this book down. Can’t wait for the next in the series.”

‘Father to Son: The Early Years’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1p69eXs.

About the Author:

The author was born in October of 1975 and raised in Northamptonshire, England. Even though she was born with a disability, Jenkins has achieved everything in life that she has put her mind to.

Jenkins left home at sixteen, with few qualifications. Now, after twenty years of putting off her writing dream, she is delighted to have published her debut novel.

I might add here that I will also be doing an exclusive interview with Tami and will post to my blog page soon, so watch this space for a superb poet and writer

Teresa Joseph Franklin

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