Saturday, 5 July 2014


Your world up there with the heavens
The blue, blue skies
The clouds floating, sailing, drifting regally
Across the ragged, ragged mountain tops
Effortlessly you soar
Painlessly, easily you are kings and queens of the skies
Flying with the flowing rivers, streams and oceans
Near and far, your terrain, your territory
High and low, your eyesight catches the prey
You hover, wings spread out wide
Silently, quietly
Noiselessly, soundlessly
Then with one swoop and your prey is done
Caught between those honed and toned
Talons, he’ll grip a vice grip
Then he’ll follow his path home no one goes hungry tonight!
This land so pure, clear, unpolluted so far
Will always be his Regal Domain
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th June 2013

All Rights Reserved

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