Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Here I sit and wondering what I should write
Wondering how I should convey
What I feel and have inside my heart
And finding a way out of this dark, dark night
Here within my deepest soul, I have this flame
To which your darkness could not move
I see through your eyes the look of love
Remember the times when our love was not so tame?
There is a wonder if I know what you do not
And I wonder if I have the ways to let you aught
I keep wondering, pondering on my hidden thought
That if I left it untold it will be for naught
So here I am in a bewildered mood
Asking myself what have I that might be good?
Wondering on how to tell you oh if only I could!
And if for certain I had it, I promise I would
As I now know the words to which I am bound
And yet I sit her simply scrabbling, scrawling each word down.
Each word so plainly written
Are they all worthy of being written down?
The flame that I hold that is in my soul
Is a flame that I would somewhat want to hide
I know I should with uninhibitedness reveal so wide
And just let those words of Life within my soul roll
With the ebbing and flowing of the tide
There are things that I know, which you may not
At which I hold an inordinate and eternal thought
These eyes of mine see with love by which they have been bought
And now how I would stumble to make that love forgot!
And now it is time to reconcile this war inside my heart
So that peace and harmony to you I may convey
Then on this road of Life you could restart
I will be glad that you will be leaving I won’t miss your heart.
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th August 2014

All Rights Reserved 

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