Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Away from the chill
Just sit here in this wondrous weather
Letting go of whatever
My mind is in turmoil
Tumultuously disorderly
I need some orderly thoughts
Not this chaotic, anarchic
That you have brought to this life
You want so much
You need so much
You say “no pressure
Then its “I’m so disappointed
You know my role in this global world
It takes me to places that are untold
I understand as much as I can”
But where do I stand?”
“These long separations are desperations”
“You’re not meeting my needs”
“Your work comes before me”
“But you knew all this before”
“This is my life, my life’s work”

“This gift is heaven sent, but you’re hell bent”
Oh my head!
The ruckus, the mucus
Just wish you’d truly understand
Be here, be there
But I know you won’t be for too long
You’re edgy, you’re ready
You’re making me so unsteady
You’re unruliness
Is ruining this happiness
You loathe this fame
And would burn in an instant with your flames
The tears I’ve cried and still cry
The long drawn out sighs
That this is a goodbye
It’s a sacrifice that’s not been made lightly
I wouldn’t ever, ever give my life up
It’s a life I love so dearly
The visions presented so clearly
Day by day
Night by night
Clearly like our sight
Sacrifice it shall be
Until there is a specialty
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th September 2014

All Rights Reserved

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