Thursday, 18 September 2014


This is not an aggressive walk
Nor an attacking walk
This is just my walk
That I walk with pride
Striding along
Head held high
Walking straight
With a bounce in my step
Feeling good
The day is good
The weather is good
And all the pride
Is enjoying the sun
No rain
On my mane
So hate that rain
I get matted and knotted
Takes ages to dry
Then there is the preening
I mean it has to be done
Cannot stop being the best
The leader of the pride
Cannot ignore this handsome fella
Now there is no ego in me
Just saying …….
I just need to keep in
Tip top condition
For the ladies
And the cubs
A mans has got to do
What a man’s got to do

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th May 2012

All Rights Reserved

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