Monday, 20 October 2014


Tears staining our faces
Tears rolling down our cheeks
Tears tearful
Weeping sobbing
Our hearts out
Tears of laughter
Joy happiness and glee
Oh such merriment too
When we cry it is for many reasons
There is no shame in crying
There is no disgrace
There is no need to be embarrassed
There is no dishonor
This is our way of relieving
Releasing alleviating
Allaying dispelling
Pent up emotions
Feelings sentiments and reactions
Passions sensations
That has been held so deep within us
Brings light to the darkness
Bringing relief
And freedom
To a once trouble soul
Let those wings unfurl
Fly, fly
Like a bird released
Angel wings purest of white
Here on this Earth
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th October 2014

All Rights Reserved 

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