Tuesday, 7 October 2014



You have always been the best from the rest
I loved you more than you could ever know
I know you are sad, mad
That I left you way below
I hear you crying
I see your tears
I see you sitting there lonely and forlorn
Sad, unhappy,
Where is your happy smiley face?
Daddy I miss you too
I cried the tears too
I visit you too
But you do not see me
Hear me
This makes me sad and tearful
Please be happy soon
I have new friends here too
I am safe and sound
We play around
I light a candle just for you
Your little princess all for you
So that you find away from the darkness and the gloom
In that empty, empty room
Dear daddy I will always love you from my heart
And I know you will too
I won’t forget you and neither will you forget me
But please daddy I want you to go on
Live your life once again, why did you stop?
Come on daddy with all your hearts please stop!
I want to see you happy, smiling, and laughing too
I’m watching over you

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th February 2013
All Rights Reserved
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