Monday, 6 October 2014


You have always been the best a mummy could have
I loved you from the moment that I was born
I know you are feeling sad, angry because I left you
You never did anything wrong, it wasn’t your fault
I hear you crying sometimes loud and then softly
I see your tears mummy and I want to wipe them away but I cannot
I am here in heaven with all the other children
I see you sat alone and looking so forlorn
Mummy, please don’t be sad?
I remember you happy face, the giggling and silly things we did together
Mummy I miss you too
I come to see you too
But you do not see me or hear me
This makes me sad and tearful too
Please be happy soon
I have new friends here too, we play, we sing, we dance
I walk in this beautiful garden full of flowers it tickles my toes
I wear this princess dress, all satin and lace
It’s very pretty mummy and makes me feel like a princess
But I know that I will always be a princess in your heart forever
Dear mummy I will always love you from my heart
And I know that you will too
I won’t forget you and I know you will never forget too
But please mummy I want you to go on
Live again, laugh again, and sing like you used to
I miss that so much please sing again and know that I will be listening
And not far away
I want to see you happy and that will make me happy too
Love you mummy from my heart

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th February 2013
All Rights Reserved

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