Thursday, 23 October 2014


It’s like a weight on these small shoulders
This being at the top
A feeling that I’ll drop
A feeling of falling over
It’s heavy, heavy!
Success has its price
More than thrice
It’s taken hard earned hours
Taken me to towers
I’ve toiled
I’ve boiled
I’ve burnt the candle at both ends
Been round so many bends
Made so many amends
There’s been the crafting
Promoting, advertising
The gobbled gook
And the “oh look!”
Yet there are and always will be the
Miss-looks and the miss-tooks
Friends and Family have stayed
Some so staid
Some who have given the game away!
Oh yes and the betrayal, denial
My passions at times have been
Excitable, unbelievable and exceptional
I’ve wept, cried and almost died
Life has knocked the stuffing out of me
But that stuffing was never good for me!
I’m still here standing
Upstanding with my held high
Knowing that I’m not finished yet
I’ve punched the air
Almost didn’t give a care
Oh yes and oh no
What do I know?
Laying my life so bare
You’ve been here one and all
Along this journey
Its successes and failures
You shed your tears
Helped me with my fears
Laughed out loud
That’s made me stand out from the crowd
Did I want or need this?
A resounding NO!
It has brought its perils
Along with the devils
Who took what they wanted
Without wantage
I’ve crossed so many bridges
Emptied so many fridges
For that coffee and tea
But all that I really need is one that I crave
Crave to be in my grounded
Embedded life
I know he is out there somewhere and somehow we’ll meet
With such a greet
So until that day
That great, great day
I carry away
All my hopes, dreams
With you all
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
23rd October 2014

All Rights Reserved

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