Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MY POEM 'FEELING THE BLUES' came 5th in a poetry comp


Heck I maybe feeing the blues
But here comes the cues
Hit the music
And dance away the blues
Hit the despair, hit the sadness
The dejection, the rejection
Oh give it some more injection
Chase it, race it
Oh dash it, crash it and bash it
Right on the head
Doesn’t matter what part
The skull, the bounce and the bonce or noodle
Or whatever you call it
This has got to go
Right out of my head
Not giving it the power
The control, the dominance
The influence, the guidance
The only guidance that is happening
Right now the guidance is
To dance
To sing, swing, stretch and bounce
Leap and jump
Get on these toes
Pull it back
Push it to the highest limits
Shout out loud
Ear-splitting, piercing scream
Let it all go
Every single woe
Go, go, go!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd July 2012

All Rights Reserved

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