Thursday, 13 November 2014


Whole like a woman should
Living alone is so lonely
When I fall in love with you
It will be completely
With all of my passions
My ecstasy
My heart and soul
The tenderest of touches
Is what I need from you!
Our eyes meet
Our eyes silently saying so much
Our touches of each other’s hands
The magical, magical
Heavenly touches
That means so much
Heading where we both have never been
Is this the power of love?
Sent from above!
Living alone is so lonely
But I am living in hope
That one day that I will give you my world
Slowly and patiently
Our love would grow
Be each other’s strengths
Be each other’s voices
Be each other’s eyes
Lifting each other when we are down
Be each other’s truths
Yet here I am feeling lonely without you!
Not feeling whole
Not feeling complete
In these greys, grey days
Yet here I sit
Hoping and wishing
That it won’t be too long
Before you make me feel whole
If you could see these eyes
Then let me be the one
That’ll love you forever more
All the way
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

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