Saturday, 1 November 2014


I’m scared of being alone

I am scared of being alone,
I know I have the TV, I know I have the phone,
It’s you I want, not email, not text
I want you and you alone

I’m scared of losing you,
Scared we won’t work out
We‘ve failed before
Filled with each others doubt

The time is right
The time is now
Let’s grasp it while we can
We both deserve some happiness
And a decent tan!

A holiday, some time for us
Leave the rest behind
They’ll still be there
When we are back
And hopefully they’ll find

Two people much in love
Like hero’s coming home
The Past, as memories
And neither of us, alone

So now all that is left
Fills me with bereft
I slam the piano keys
Dear God I’m on my knees
I pray, pray and pray
That I’ll never be another’s prey

Your silly tunes
Upon those keys
Had me singing in tune
The ebony and ivory
Oh you so hated, loathed the rivalry
A rivalry so raw
So new
You knew!
You blew
Yet you would not bow out
Instead you shouted out
“You are mine!”
“My divine”
“My melody”
“You are my everything!”
“The clothes you wear”
“Your hair”
“It’s all mine!”
You hollered
Like you had me collared
Strapped in a strapless bodice
“Why did you not notice?”
The unhappiness that resided
Yet you never minded!
The silent tears
The silent fears
And now it is time to go it alone
Facing the unknown
Bringing myself back to my home
My home that I knew and loved
Be what I want to be
See all there is to see
See who I want to see
And maybe, just maybe
The real you is out there for me
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st November 2014

All Rights Reserved

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