Wednesday, 19 November 2014


All I want to do is live for these moments
Never wanting to be away from you
When all I want is a friend and not a lover
Under the covers
I just need time to recover
Recover, recover
From all the pain and hurt
Not wearing your shirt
All I need is just a friend
To the bitter end
A friend who’d understand
A side of me that’ll be known
A friend that’ll never be outgrown
A lover is not what I need right now!
Oh for crying out loud!
Why won’t they listen?
They can keep the moonlight
The stars shining so bright
The kisses
The missives
The messages
Just won’t change my mind
The creeping, crawling
Trawling for their lover
The thrill has gone
Gone, gone!
You just wanted to see what you wanted
Not what is for real!
So tell me why you are so afraid
Afraid of that heavenly touch
Touches so surreal
But you didn’t want real!
You just needed a lover
Under your covers
But I’ll find a way to heal
But not at your heels
Just tell me why you are so, so afraid?
Yet you’ll always swim for the safe
A shoreline so safe and secure
I thought I would hold that dream
But you changed it to your tune
Not to our tune!
Now is the time to heal
Heal, heal
It would help me to know?
Was I the best you have ever known?
Oh this crazy battlefield
A war zone
With neither in the same tone
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

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