Saturday, 29 November 2014


The summer love
The summer I loved you
It was so brief
Yet I was so happy
Happy to walk hand in hand
Walking in the soft sand
Paddling my feet
Skirt hitched up
But all you could do was watch
It was if you were afraid
Afraid of the freedom
Freedom to be yourself
A freedom beyond caring
Yet you knew this sand and sea
Is where I love to be!
It’s where I can be free
Free as the wind
Free as the birds in the sky
Yet you hold back!
What has happened to your inner child?
The one we all had as a child
The one who laughed and cried
Why oh why did you let yours die?
I hope that one day you’ll read this
In the hope that you’ll live a life so free
Not shackled by society
Not shackled by the responsibility
Go wading in the sea
Feel the breeze
Feel the sand between your toes
And let all the worry and woes
Go, go and go
Then maybe you will come back to me
And live that summer with such love
And a glow
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

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