Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Hey babe here I sit in the gloom
This darkened, darkened room
Gathering my thoughts
Gathering my feelings
Feelings that I felt for you
A heart that I thought I would keep for keeps
A love that I thought I would keep for keeps
Not just for keepsake
Not just a memory
Not just for the weekends
Gloom, gloom in this room
So now I wonder where my heart will beat next
A heart beat that is out of rhythm
A heart beat that is out of sync
A heart that is sinking
Deeper and deeper
In the pits of despair
All these empty rooms
Crowded with so many memories
I vowed that I would never, ever
Let my heart be broken
Never let my heart be taken
Never let anyone in
But I let you in
I learnt to trust you
I learnt to believe you
I learnt to let you in my life
I learnt to let you in my world
Trusted you
Trusted you
Hey babe
Now these nights seem like an eternity
A body that is wracking with pain
See what is happening to me now!
Did you know how much I felt?
So many, many questions
That I am asking myself
Did I give too much?
I know I did
Maybe gave too much too soon
But I noticed the change in you babe
We stopped going out together in public
Public places
You took me on holiday
You took me away
Took me to places of your past loves and lovers
I could tell by the poetry you had written
They were not about us
They were about them!
I could tell you had a hankering for one of them!
And now you are with her once again!
Why, oh why I keep asking myself
What had I done wrong
Except fall for you like an idiot
A fool
But I just cannot get you out of my head!
Get you out of this heart
Get you out of this room
Get you out of my inner sights
Get you out of my thoughts
Dam, dam stupid woman I maybe
But right now this gloom
And this feeling of doom
Won’t last
If you ever see me in passing
Then you’ll know there is nothing outwardly defective
Except for my broken heart inside
Where I let you reside
Oh babe, oh babe
Lest we forget
Lest that I forget
Of which I will in time
Of which I will with patience
Then I’ll be out of this gloom and room
We shared together
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

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