Tuesday, 11 November 2014


It’s so lonely walking alone
This path so crazy
This path so hazy
The desolate sandy beach
Where you are so out of reach
The lonely figure behind me
What does he see?
I’m figuring the same
But all I can see
Was you and me
Are we the same?
The man that is behind
Both walking away
Away from the people we loved
Hand in hand not gloved
Missing their tenderest of touches
We walked this quiet beach
So lost in each other
So unaware
Of the noise of the traffic
Passing us by
Detached from the world
Not a care in the world
Now this world……..
Feels disconnected
Removed from all senses
A world deconstructed
A world that I thought would not be taken apart
But you did!
And it hurts inside
A pain so severe
Right here!
Here in this heart
You have torn it apart
The breeze rushes through my hair
I’m so trying not to care
You sure didn’t
If you did you wouldn’t have
So now two lonely figures
Walk this lonesome beach
Knowing we are out of each other’s reach
So if you could see me now
You’d never bow
Yet bow your head in disgrace
Total utter disgrace
That you can no longer show your face!
A face full of guilt
Guilt at the betrayal
Betrayal of my feelings
Supporting you through your
Heart attack
Oh you through it all back!
“We were never lovers, just friends”
Can you now imagine the pain?
The humiliation
The feeling like being a jerk
A whore
A slut
A piece of dirt
Just your fanciful piece
Just to fill your weekends
Weekends spent together
But not together
And here I am a total stranger to smiling
And you threw it all away
But I know now it is over!
And I really, really hope
That your new lover
Is treated with respect
And not just to fill in your lonely, lonely weekends
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

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