Thursday, 4 December 2014


That I so miss
Your tender touch
Oh how I loved you so much
I miss you by the miles
Laying here by my side
The warmth of your embrace
The touch of your face
Wrapping me up in
Ribbons and lace
Our love so undivided
Our love so complete
Oh how I wish that we could meet
But you are not here, yet I feel you are here
A presence, a feeling deep within
That wondrous knowing
Your loving warmth
The sweetest tenderness
Oh all the balminess
That we had so long, long ago
Why did you have to go?
Leaving me so, so low
It was not your time!
I look for your special sign
The moon and the stars still shine
I cannot say goodbye
It hurts too much
It is too raw
Raw, raw, to the core
But the time has come once more
As I tread through the door
The door to love and peace
With you always here by my side
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

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