Tuesday, 9 December 2014


To be loved by you
With this screaming heart
That feels like it is tearing apart
Be my baby
Be my baby now, tonight
I want to hold you tight
I’d adore you forever
I’d adore you for all eternity
I’d scream it out loud
To the heavens above
I’d scream it out loud
In the pouring rain
I’d scream it out loud
Take me I am yours
Tell me I am the only one
Our passion would be complete
I’d scream it out loud
In the thunder and lightening
I’d scream it out loud
When you say my name
I’d scream it out loud
I’d do the do for you
I’d scream it out loud
It’s for us too
Now I want to stop screaming out loud
All I want is you, you!
To hold me tenderly
To kiss me with your fiery passion
There was a time when I thought I could handle my emotions
But you send me into a whirlwind of motions
Your touch sends me into a total maniac
And then that is when I lose all control
Your slightest sends me into a fiery passionate woman
Never let me go, go
Just hold me tighter, tighter in the rain
So that we love each other again
Stay, stay
Never, ever go away!
Take me higher and higher
My passionate lover
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th December 2014

All Rights Reserved

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