Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Cannot be denied
Yet deep within I have so tried and tried
To push them aside
I’m so, so tired
I cannot sleep at night
Knowing I loved you so much
Your heavenly touch
I feel like there is still a ball and chain
Around this heart
A heart that is tearing me apart
Chains, chains like a fool
Knowing that I was just a tool
A weekender a pretender
There is so, so much misery
Knowing it was all a pretense
Knowing it all makes sense
What it is, what it is
But all I need now is a rock steady guy
Who’ll not say “Goodbye!”
A rock to be by my side
I’ll be his rock by his side
A guy who won’t make a fool out of me
Who won’t treat me like a see saw
Who’ll lift me up off the ground!
When I feel down
A kind of guy who’ll know
A kind of man who’ll do right
Day and night
Who’ll share his love with me!
A real guy who I can trust
Is a must
A guy that’ll turn this woman around
A guy that is waiting for me!
A guy that’ll search high and low for me!
I still believe that he is out there waiting for me!
No matter how high the mountains
No matter how deep the valleys
No matter how wide the rivers and seas
I still believe that love will be
No matter how high the skies
I just need to be strong
I just need to hold on
Because I am waiting, anticipating
For that precious day
For that memorable day
When I’ll be your princess
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
23rd December 2014

All Rights Reserved

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