Monday, 8 December 2014



I see you looking at me as the ‘low life’
Did you know I had a wife?
Where everything was full of strife
Yes I was once like you
Walking the streets, pavements
Making all the payments
Daft as it may seem!
I see you looking at me as though I am the
‘Scum of the earth’
It’s not always our fault
We jumped higher over that vault  
Yes we gambled
Gambled it all away
And not monetary
We took many chances
Hey you and your glances
“If you took the time to look around”
“You’re no better than I”
“So take a look in my eye!”
“It’s weathered, battered and shattered”
“They’ve looked better and nothing mattered”
“But I am abiding my time”
“I don’t need your nickel or dime!”
“I thought this life would be free”
“No not this tramping the streets”
“My previous life”
“My friends and family”
 “They deserted me when things went wrong”
“Their treasured possessions, obsessions”
“Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed!”
“Till there was nothing left”
“I’ve joined the queues”
“Paid my dues”
“Yes paid my dues”
“I owe you nothing!”
“And you owe me nothing”
“Well except for some understanding”
“See I’m upstanding, not bent and buckled”
“Nor raw at the knuckles”
“I keep my faith, hope and belief”
“That one day there will be some relief”
“Relief from this ‘Tramping The Streets’”
“So before you judge us think on”
“We are not all that it seems”
“Look beyond the shadows, faces, and our sleeping places”
“We are human just like you, with feelings!”
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th December 2014

All Rights Reserved

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