Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Our love is unbreakable
Our love is unmistakable
Our love is untouchable
And right now nothing can take you away from me!
My baby you’re all that I need
I’m in heaven
You’ve turned this world around for me
Right now all your love is what I need
And now my dreams are coming true
Right through all the storms
I feel free, free!
I just cannot bear being without you
You are constantly in my thoughts
Thoughts of making love
Now you are here, I shall not let you go
My arms constantly wrapped around you
I want our love to grow and flow
I cannot breathe until you are here with me
I cannot sleep until you are here with me
I cannot rest until you are in my arms
I cannot get enough of you!
You are my heaven here on earth
When you walk into the room
My heart goes zoom, zoom
Racing, pacing
Wanting you in these arms
You are my miracle for living
You are my reason for living
In a world without you
Where would I be?
There would be no reason to
Laugh, cry or smile
I’d miss you by the miles
This world would be incomplete
This world would be imperfect
Oh, oh
When I see you I go weak
Weak at the thought of you
I fall, fall and go under
When you are not around
So stay here
Here in my arms
My heart
My soul
Oh, oh
Whoa, whoa
My knees go weak
I cannot speak
Your silence is so soothing
Your silence has me moving
Moving closer and closer to you
Babe oh babe
There is no maybe
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th December 2014

All Rights Reserved

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