Tuesday, 16 December 2014


You keep toing and froing
Backwards and forwards
With your never knowing
Your hopes and wishes
You keep dashing them why?
You’ve always dreamed of them
But what is scaring you?
I know what it is to dream
Have so many wishes
Hoping that they’ll come true
And see them through
But you!
Not I
Cannot seem to abide
All that seems to reside
You come to me for counsel
The rain lashing outside
Your head bent against the weather
Hunched back
Pulling your umbrella tighter
Why cannot you be the once renowned fighter?
What happened to you?
That was so you through and through
You had visions
You said
I’m on a mission
But you never saw them through
What happened to you?
“It’s you!”
“I’m in love with you!”
“You through and through”
“You are my mission”
“You are my vision”
“Can you not see?”
“Can you not feel it?”
“Where would I be without you?”
“In a world so cruel”
“But this world without you is unbearable”
“I cannot breathe without you”
“This world of mine is worthless without you”
“Every time I see you I just go weak”
“Weak, weak, weak”
“Then I cannot speak”
“You have me trembling”
“Then I remember the remembering”
“Our times together, whatever, together”
“Can’t you see or feel anything?”
“Like I feel, like I feel!”
“Babe you drive me to insanity”
“This pouring rain is no comfort”
“The crowds drive me insane”
“Every footstep that I take to you is for you”
“I cannot hide, I cannot run”
“I do not want to hide or run”
“Except keep running to you”
“No more toing and froing”
“I’m sick and tired of being alone”
“You should be with me babe!”
“You and I together forever”
“We need to live our lives to be free”
“Free, free, free”
“Free together but as one”
“So come on say something, anything”
“Let me come in out of the pouring rain”
“Forever, together”
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th December 2014

All Rights Reserved

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