Sunday, 22 March 2015


You are alone in this wilderness world
You watch, you see
Observing from a distance
It’s cold out there
In that wide expanse
You know this massiveness
You were born to it
This is your territory
Where you wander aimlessly
Looking for what next
Who is your prey, your quarry or the next victim?
Your next vulnerable target
Your eyes are fixed, like you are obsessed
Watching as a single wolf moves
There at your safe distance
You take cover with your shield
There at the forests edge
Where the shadows lay
This is your darkness
Your domain, your circle and realm
You never venture from this great darkness
Unless there is a gain
You have to have that wolf, regardless, no matter what!
You are playing a dangerous game
What is there to gain?
There is no love there, or is the wolf a possession
Your prize, your trophy
What if there were others to win her?
This is a dangerous game
The hunter on the prowl
Must have, got to have
Here and now!
What will happen to that wolf?
Will she see right through you?
Maybe she is not stupid or a fool
And not want to play those games at all
The dangers, the perils, the hazards too
Of being possessed like a fool
Her freedom, her liberty gone
But there in the distance he sees an Alpha Male
She has noticed too, never wanting or needing
To be part of this charade, the pretense and the travesties
She walks in another direction
Leaving them both behind
Alone in the wildernesses
Knowing she has a better life instead
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
23rd July 2013

All Rights Reserved

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