Friday, 20 March 2015


 “Justin I don’t want to alarm you but we’ve been followed by a green BMW since we left the parking area back there, what the hell is going on?” said Sparky
 “Shut up for a second whilst I contact Alex and David on their cell, crap this is all we need right now!” Just hold tight buddy this might get a bit rough. I was warned this might happen, but not this dam quick shit! He slams on the brake and honks the horn. “Shit man! Bloody people get out of the way!  Watch where you’re walking, will you! What they call them here in England “jay walkers”? More like “blinkered”, looking for an early way upstairs to heaven”
“Where the hell did you learn to drive like a crazy person, you’ll be breaking the Great British law on their highways and byways Jeeeeesh.”
“Justin, Alex here just do exactly as I say and no questions I saw that BMW pulling out as we left just now. There is a vehicle behind that one which is our boys. Just keep calm and no stupid moves either just remember we have precious cargo here and nothing must happen to Ms. Gunn. She is fraught as hell right now and she needs to be out of this situation quick. Fast enough these guys behind will cause and accident. Just drive. Don’t look back or get involved in stopping to look who they are either. These guys are not for messing around.  They’ll have your faces, and you could be next. This is what I was expecting from them. We’re taking a detour from the planned route back to her home. Just to be on the safe side, take it easy, and do exactly as I tell you and when to make the move as well”

“Is he having a laugh Justin because I am not laughing at all? Whose dam toes has she trodden on for goodness sake for this to be happening? Alex what the hell is going on with Jelena being under this dangerous situation again?  Jeeeeesh she needs calming not this upsetting her. Get me out of here Justin I don’t want to be in an early grave my family wouldn’t appreciate it at all and nor would yours either” said Sparky now really getting extremely stressed and panicking at the what is about to happen within the next few seconds he is not happy he is concerned for all that is happening thoughts that he might not ever speak or see his family ever again, tears are pricking his eyes his emotions are all over the place.

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